When will Marina be able to be used?

Due to its highly specialized design, the vessel’s marina can only be used when conditions permit. Ideally, the marina will be fully operational in those ports where the waters are generally calm, in shallow water anchorages and in any protected waters where it is safe to dock.

Founding Year of Storylines

The Storylines’ lifestyle has been in development since 2016 and with full-time operations underway since 2018. Our partners include industry experts with over 150 years ship building experience, established cruise operators, destination management services, as well port and hotel management provides.  Together, Storylines brings to you a world-class, world-first option in lifestyle.

Crew Language – English

While the crew the M/V Narrative may be as global as the ship itself, all are fluent in its working language – English. Unlike cruise ships, our crew is treated to larger personal cabins, more recreational space and more time off for them to explore destinations as well. As you can imagine, we have some of the world’s best crew interested in living the Storylines lifestyle.

Please speak to your residential adviser here for more details. 

Ship Maintenance

All cruise vessels undergo rigorous safety and maintenance schedules to make sure they are always at the top of their performance. Because of this, yearly schedules are set and cover not just breakages but set routine replacements and preventative maintenance.

The annual fees include costs to undergo such future things as vessel repainting and dry docking, when it comes to internal fit-outs only the common areas are considered and included for future ‘updating’. Residence updates will be by the cost of the residence owner. 

Like an aeroplane, all maintenance issues are thought of in advance on a cruise ship. Many vessel repairs can be done successfully while in port or underway.

Onboard Security

A high level of onboard security is maintained throughout the operation of the vessel, and specific staffing varies based on our geographical location. In addition to security monitoring of all public areas, the Narrative’s highly trained onboard security staff ensure that your Home at Sea is always kept safe and sound. While in port, additional security is provided at both the port and vessel entry points.

Like all cruise liners, the M/V Narrative will engage the services of special security teams whose vessels will escort us through any areas that could be potentially dangerous.

Safety Equipment and Personnel

The safety equipment aboard the M/V Narrative is designed to meet or exceed the highest of international standards. In case of emergency the vessel has a ship-wide PA system and its highly trained staff ready to handle any situation. In addition to navigational staff, the vessel features a full security team, safety cameras and ongoing emergency training.

Onboard Employment

Please email all employment inquiries to employment@storylines.com to express interest in both shipboard and shoreside positions. Please do not call the sales line or chat.

Note: No applicants will be considered before mid 2022.Those wishing to become an affiliate or refer for Storylines may complete the application form here: (www.storylines.com/become-a-sales-channel-partner).