Sports Equipment Storage

Can you please clarify personal bicycle storage? Perhaps at a fee?

We do not have the space to store 1,000 bikes, golf bags, kayaks etc. The vessel has an excellent selection of bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, cruisers, scooters, etc. Our bicycles have all the features you could possibly want so that the majority of our residents won’t need to bring a personal bike. You are welcome to use your own bike seat on the ship’s bikes. There is a limited amount of storage space on the ship but it’s not necessarily for sporting equipment – it’s for residents’ personal items when they are away from the ship when their residence is rented out. Personal bicycles will likely need to be stored in the residents’ unit.

Can I park a car or motorcycle on the ship?

We do not have space for personal automobiles or motorcycles but we have bicycles available to use. All your personal items are stored in your residence. Additional information about storage here.

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