Special All-inclusive fees

Will limits to special all-inclusive fees be set out in the Purchase Agreement?

The line item costs for food/beverage/crew equal about 60% of the total cost of running the ship. Those are easy costs to plan for. Fuel is the largest cost and is outside of our control as global fuel costs can fluctuate. We can manipulate the cost of the fuel for the vessel by changing our itinerary, choosing which ports we go to and reducing the speed at which we cruise. We can also manage those costs by purchasing our fuel in advance to lock in the prices, so if there is a big spike in fuel costs it won’t affect us. Storylines’ unique slower style of cruising, spending many more days in port, and 12-month advance fuel purchase contracts all work together to reduce any impact this could have.¬†

We can’t put a limit on or cap special all-inclusive fees because some things are outside of our control. Something could happen in ten years time that affects seafarers globally that involves a 20% price increase, for example. There are some things that we can’t predict. However, we can manage our known costs effectively and keep a comfortable ‘cushion’ for unforeseen situations.

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