Sourcing of Rental Clients

Storylines will handle all rental activity on your behalf. The Storylines team will market 

your residence’s availability within our network, as well as through the travel agent community and online cruise resellers. 

To ensure that the onboard community is not affected by a change in passengers we have set certain criteria and safeguards in place. As an example, you may not rent out your residence on Airbnb and there is a 3-month minimum stay for guests unknown to you. 

Family and personal friends may stay for as little or as long as they would like.

Renting Out Residences

Owners have the option to rent their residences to offset costs through our Guest at Sea rental program. To preserve continuity and community on board rental periods must be a minimum of three months or longer. Please see our website for more details:

Distribution of Rental Earnings

Rental fees less applicable management fees are credited to your owner’s account. Details of this and your total financial position with Storylines will be available to you via our APP 24/7.

Determination of Rental Price

Storylines rental prices are advised by cruise agencies. World cruises and those over two months sell-out over a year in advance, combined with the unique slower pace of Storylines’ cruising averaging 3 days in each port with many overnight stays, and Storylines’ unique residential community style, ensure strong demand, and will earn our residents the highest possible return on investment.

Referral of Renters

You are most welcome to refer renters for your home while you are away. Please direct them to your Residential Advisor, and we will take it from there on your behalf.

Liability in Case of Damage During Rental

Renters are liable for damages. Should the need occur, Storylines will arrange for any repairs needed and pursue the renter for costs incurred.

Storage Available Onboard for Personal Items

For a nominal monthly fee, limited storage space is available for larger items or boxes to allow for a smooth rental of your residence while you are away. 

In addition, each residence is equipped with a lockable cupboard space for personal effects such as clothes within each residence.