Ship Stabilizers / Stability

The ship’s stabilizer system is used to reduce the roll of the ship; meaning the motions of the ship while at sea. We’re going to be using an active fin stabilizer. That means there will be fins that flap around in the water, reducing the roll motion of the ship by about 95% so they make the ship very comfortable.

What is the ship stability in high winds or rough seas given the number of decks ?

Stability is an extremely important factor in the design and we assessed that right from the very beginning. The stability is based around the center of gravity of the ship so we calculate the weight of absolutely everything. We calculate where that central gravity is in relation to the central buoyancy of the ship. The stability of the ship is calculated not only when it is intact, but also if it is damaged. If for any reason, it goes aground, takes on water; or is hit by another ship, we have to design the ship to be able to float and to be stable after that. These rules and regulations are governed by what’s known as the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS. That takes into account rough weather conditions and strong winds. We spend a lot of time calculating to make sure that the ship is going to be stable.

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