Sharing Residential Units

Can I buy with friends and split the unit 50/50?

While that is technically possible, there is a lot to consider:

-Storylines does not accept unsold fractions. Therefore, if you decide to sell, you will need to continue to pay your annual fees until your fraction is sold and you find a buyer.

-Consider how it will be decided when each of you can use the home.

-There may be an additional management fee due to additional contracts and additional quarterly billing involved.

-Purchasing a home with a friend means that you will never get to travel with them. Either it’s your turn to use the home, or theirs. If you each have your own unit, then you can travel the world together.

-If you have 100% of the unit, you get the benefit of rental income when you are not using your home at sea.

Let’s look at the all inclusive living fees for an RU4 for example:
–With a 25% share and 3 months right to use, you would be liable for $33,000 per year (one quarter of the annual fees).
–With 100%, if you are on board 3 months per year and rent out your unit the remainder of the time, you would make $8,000 in profit and your 3 months on board costs you nothing.

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