Residential Options for Three-person Occupancy

Most Cruise Residences in Tiers 3, 4, 5, and 6 can accommodate 3 people. A notice must be given at the time of purchase and a nominal fee of $2,500 is required to outfit the residence with an additional (single) bed.

Residence Customizations

Limited customization is included with the purchase price, including your choice of styles. Additional customization is possible, please speak to a Storylines Cruise Residence Adviser for more details. You can click here to arrange a quick chat at a time that suits you.

Upgrading or Changing Cruise Residences

Should availability allow, you may change your residency after. Let your residential advisor know should you begin to consider changing.

Joining of Two Cruise Residences

Prospective buyers are welcome to purchase two adjoining Cruise Residences. Please note that monthly assessments for both residences will apply, with an occupancy credit.

Residential Accommodation for Disabilities

A number of wheelchair accessible residences are available and we will accommodate to specific needs in any we can. Please communicate with a Residential Adviser regarding specific needs and residence availability.