Rental Priority

If Storylines rents any unsold residences, will that take priority over the Founders Circle Members?

No. Irrespective of who owns the rental units, the same priority will take precedence: Founders Circle members are the only ones who get priority (everything else being equal). However, we anticipate having all the units leased prior.

For Founders Circle members not planning on being on board during the first 12 months, we recommend that you advise us at the earliest date possible. We recommend a lot of advance notice because the longer timeframe that you give us to rent your unit, the better the rate. Last minute requests to rent your unit may be harder to accommodate. We don’t anticipate having to discount but if we do for last minute listings, that would affect your rental return. However, we know that these type of tickets are selling out three years in advance and there is a market for bookings within 12 months of departure.

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