Rent-Back Priority

You will receive priority when making your residence available for extended periods.

Founders Circle Members are Provided a Number of Benefits

Founders Circle members are the foundation of the Storylines lifestyle aboard the MV Narrative, and are provided a number of benefits such as: 


Receive an immediate $50,000 discount from your residency purchase, plus savings on annual fees the first two years.

Owners Forum

Share your ideas with the Storylines team regarding activities, onboard lifestyle and inclusions you feel would enrich the lives of the community. 

One such example may be the creation of a clothing-free lounge or pool area. As a founder you will have the ability to put forward ideas such as this and others to be voted on by the community, or if you are willing you can chair a group and take control of an event.


Founders Circle events are held monthly onboard the MV Narrative, and occasionally ashore.

Shipyard Viewings

Founders Circle Members will receive exclusive invitations to view the ship prior to completion.

Residence Flexibility

Flexibility to upgrade your residence, even after sailing.

Exclusive Events

Receive special invitations to exclusive dinners both on board and ashore.

Point of Contact

Following your purchase, our Director of Founders Circle Relations is your point of contact for all inquiries.