Investing in a Residence as an Investment Property

Purchasing a Storylines residence is an excellent lifestyle investment. We do not, however, recommend purchasing a residence if you do not intend to occupy it at least part-time, as we are dedicated to building a sense of community aboard MV Narrative.

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Shared Purchase Options

Why is Storylines Offering Fractional Residences?

Storylines consistently receives interest from people who want to live aboard MV Narrative part of the year. It has always been our goal to make this lifestyle accessible to a wide variety of like-minded global citizens of the world.

  • We believe that part time residents will contribute to the community as much as residents who hold 100% share of their unit.
  • As long term residents, they will be returning to the ship every year which contributes to a cohesive and neighborly environment.
  • We will still have a rental program and there will now be a more limited supply of residences available for rent which means less competition for those who plan to rent their unit out.
  • We are only releasing a limited number of units for shared purchase.
  • We believe the residences with 100% shares will have even better resale value due to being more limited in number.

I already have a residence reserved. Can I switch it to a fractional unit?

Yes, if you plan to find your own people to share it with. Otherwise, if you would like to choose one of the shared RU2 or RU4 units currently reserved, Storylines identifies the residents and you would be switching to the new published pricing.

How many people are sharing each residential unit?

They are available in 25% shares. Most units will have two to four people (25%-50% shares).

Are there any limitations which other units don’t have?

Yes. You cannot customize the unit with options and upgrades and you cannot have pets. The shared purchase units are configured with the Coastal interior design theme. There are various floor plans and bed arrangements to choose from and there will be some appliances included – please see the description in the listings for details. However, individually chosen options and upgrades are not available for these residences.

How flexible is it? What if I can’t use it this year or if I want to travel a different season?

Your vacation home is part of a block of 10 residences of the same unit type. That means 40 seasons and up to 40 residents who are all in the same ‘club’ together to swap seasons. For example, swap Spring for Winter one year or skip your season one year in order to travel 6 months the following year at the same price.

I am a current resident. Will fractional units make the ship more transient?

No, quite the opposite. This will result in fewer residences being rented out. These are long-term residents who return to the community year after year. Renters may come on board one time then you never see them again.

I am a 100% resident owner planning to rent my unit when I’m not on board. How will the shared units affect the rental program?

We believe this will result in having fewer units in the rental pool. In your case, this would be a benefit due to less competition.

What is the fractional lease term?

You will have the ‘right to use’ your residential unit for three months per year for the lifetime of the vessel.

I only see RU2 and RU4 options available. What if I want a 25% share of a different residential unit type?

If there is enough demand for other unit types, we may consider expanding the program. We would only release unit types of which we have a block of 10 available.

How does this work for families with children?

Your children can continue their education on board through our worldschooling education program which includes small group learning pods, accredited remote learning providers, and field studies around the world. While your child’s peers are learning about ancient Rome from a textbook, your family is on a guided tour of the Colosseum with a historian. 

How do I know the people I am sharing my unit with will take care of our home? 

Every potential resident undergoes a strict vetting process. We ensure every member of the community shares similar values to our guiding principles. If, however, in the rare case there is any damage, they will be held liable and cover the cost of repairs.

Can I store my personal belongings when the other residents are using the unit?

Everyone has access to limited space outside the unit to store a few personal items. Keep in mind you have access to sporting equipment such as snorkeling, scuba, paddle boards, golf equipment, bikes and more. It is a turn-key residence so you won’t need to bring much.

What if the other co-residents agree to allow pets in the unit?

We know how hard it is to leave your furry companion behind. Pets are not allowed in our shared units. We have reliable WiFi to allow you to video call daily. Kennels can be hard on pets so you might consider in-home boarding at someone else’s home through, in-home pet/home sitting at your own home, or leaving your pet with a friend or family member.   

Will the full-time community on board accept us as real residents?

We are carefully cultivating a global community of people who come from all walks of life yet share a common thirst for adventure and knowledge about the world and its people. You will be welcomed with open arms as part of this unique community and we look forward to seeing you year after year.

Would the same unit be assigned each year?

Yes, it’s your residence. You would return to your unit year after year unless you opt to swap with another resident in a different unit in your ‘club’ (a block of 10 residences all of the same unit type).

Can I change unit type?


Are there monthly fees? Will I get the same benefits that other residents get?

Yes, please see the brochure for the fees. You get all the same inclusions as other residents.

What happens with my Circle Membership if I switch to a shared unit? How is the membership discount applied if I switch?

You can still be a Circle member. The discounts are applied in the same way.

Are guests allowed in the shared units? What are the fees for guests?

Yes. Guest fees are the same for all units. Guest fees are published in the FAQ.

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Purchase Agreements

Will Storylines provide a financial statement to accompany the Agreements?

No, Storylines financial viability is separate to the risk of a resident (perpetual use holder). This is a safeguard for both the residents and the company. Storylines will report vessel operational costs quarterly which will include key indicators such as fuel prices, capital requirements and risk assessments. The company will also deliver an in-depth annual report for all residents of the ship.

What is included in the unit maintenance (ie a toilet leaks, a chair breaks…)

Ongoing maintenance related to ship operations will be taken care of by Storylines (plumbing, wiring, etc). Neglect, accidents and damage incurred by occupants is the financial responsibility of the primary resident. Storylines is not responsible for maintaining nor upgrading furnishings.

What is included in annual fees for general ship maintenance?

The annual fee includes not only maintenance of the ship itself which requires constant upkeep, but also consumables utilized to keep the ship running and costs associated with operation of the ship such as port dues, surveys, certification, crew salaries, waste disposal, etc.

Are there any ship fixtures or equipment that will be leased from suppliers and therefore incur ongoing operating costs, as opposed to being included in the initial capital cost?

There may be a minimal number of lease-backs, but only on consumables which need to be replaced anyway. Rather than having a huge upfront expense every 5-7 years with a new multi-million dollar piece of equipment, they can be leased from certain suppliers at a 0% interest rate. Consumable things that have wear and tear and have an end date.

Please specify what expenses will be covered by the ship’s insurance.

Storylines will cover all Marine Risk insurances such as hull/machinery risks, Third Party indemnity risks usually referred to as PandI ( Protection and Indemnity ) and a blanket cover for coverage of legal representation of the company. Residents are required to cover their own coverage for personal risk, medical, and loss of their own property brought on board of the vessel.

Who determines the operating budget for the ship and how are the annual assessments determined?

We use industry benchmarks to determine what the costs should be and we have confirmed those numbers with multiple professionals within the industry (internal and external to Storylines). The operating expenses have been ratified by operational cruise finance experts. We have a very detailed budget by expense type. This will be fully reported on an annual basis.

What guarantee do we have that our payments are secured?

Storylines will have demand/refund guarantees in place so that any investment (by banks or residents) is secure. These guarantees ensure that the project will be seen to completion and that the ship will be delivered regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

What are the terms for refunding the milestone payments?

The payments are only returned if Storylines doesn’t fulfill our contractual obligations. If you decide to withdraw from your deposit agreement, we can re-sell your unit (sliding scale penalties will apply).

Will I need to acquire liability insurance? What about insurance for the contents of my residence?

We partner with an insurance provider so you will have the opportunity to wrap all your insurance needs together: health, personal property, liability, travel, etc. Storylines does not cover your personal effects.

Will there be a separate Homeowners Association agreement?

There will be a similar structure of an HOA in place where residents can get involved with the steering committee to shape the community bylaws for the community standards. It will continue to evolve before and after sailing. There will also be sub-committees of special interest groups.

Do residents make their own arrangements for upgrades and renovations to our units? Or are all the units renovated every 10-15 years in dry dock, paid for by our annual fees?

Any upgrades that you want to do are at your own expense. This type of work can only be done at certain points when the ship is in a dry/wet docking period. The plans will need to be approved by Storylines. Residents can do this or they can opt to have Storylines complete the renovations (likely every 12 years) also at the resident’s expense. Annual fees do not cover remodeling a residential units.

Does Storylines maintain the interior furnishings inside the units? What about mattresses, couches, TVs and linens?

Residential developments do not maintain or replace your furniture and linens. The unit will be turn-key when you receive it. It’s your home and it will be up to you to maintain and upgrade it (outside the walls) at your own expense.

Lease values: Can we sell the remaining lease term at market prices? How will the market value of a residence be established at time of sale?

The resale value is market value which is based on supply and demand.

What will be Storylines commission at sale? If a direct sale is arranged, what will be Storylines commission on that price?

A standard real estate type commission will apply to to a resale, a lesser amount will apply should you find a suitable buyer. Storylines will still need to screen these potential residents.

Can you please explain what is involved with signing Sales Agreements?

Storylines is committed to minimizing the use of paper wherever possible. Our emphasis is on digital processes, including e-signatures whenever possible. Prior to signing sales agreements and sending your first milestone payment, there is an online identity verification, which ensures a secure method that aligns with regulatory procedures for international banks.  There are also FACTA forms to complete as part of anti-money laundering background checks. There is one paper document (trust agreement) that requires an ink signature.

In light of the global pandemic that has impacted world travel and the cruise industry, please provide insights into Storylines operational sustainability.

Storylines is not a cruise line. Cruise lines operate by selling tickets so it’s extremely problematic when they need to cancel cruises.
Our residents pay for the ship’s operation so we are well prepared and plan to continue operating through any pandemic. Our itinerary may be affected but that is the most impact we anticipate to our operations. In a worst case scenario, the ship will relocate to an island nation where we will live as temporary residents and live like locals for however long it takes until we can resume travel. To learn more about our pandemic protocols including health, safety and technology, please click here.

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Residential Reselling and Profitability

Should you choose to sell your residence at a later date the Storylines team will provide sales and marketing assistance to maximize the sale price. As residence availability is highly limited, it has been advised by real estate professionals that the market value of residences may increase over time.

What is Storylines commission at sale? Or if a direct sale is arranged, what is Storylines commission on that price?

A standard real estate type commission will apply to to a re-sale, and a lesser amount will apply should you find a suitable buyer. Storylines will still need to screen these potential residents.

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Launch Date

In 2027, we will embark on our maiden voyage around the globe, following the sun, on our first three year circumnavigation. The vessel continuously circumnavigates throughout its lifespan.

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Leasehold Terms

What is the legal name of the acquisition? Will the title specify an ownership of the ship percentage? 

No. All of the lease terms are a ‘right to occupy’. It is either a right to occupy for 12 years, 24 years, or for the life of the vessel.

The units are fully inheritable to future estates and beneficiaries, or may be sold at any time. Should you choose to sell your residence, the Storylines team will provide sales and marketing assistance to maximize the sale price. As residence availability is limited, it is entirely possible the market value will increase over time.

Additional Leasehold Terms for Circle Members:

  1. Residents with a lease term less than Lifetime of Vessel:
    • have 10 years to upgrade to a Lifetime of Vessel lease term (from the sail date) if they are a member of the Gold Circle or Founders Circle. 
    • must upgrade to the Lifetime of Vessel lease term prior to the sail date, and be in the Gold Circle or Founders Circle prior to the sail date, to be eligible for the perpetuity option.

  2. Residents with a lease term of Lifetime of Vessel initially:
    • need to be a member of the Gold Circle or Founders Circle prior to the sail date in order to be eligible for the perpetuity option.

You and your family can cruise forever in perpetuity. Lease terms cannot be sold once they have rolled over to a new ship – they will be held on a year to year leasehold basis.

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