Will residents and guests be able to buy fresh produce from the local markets at port stops and bring it on board?

This will be regulated by each country, and it will depend on the types of food. Any foods from certain areas that may have increased insects may be limited and there may be some extra “decontamination” process involved. At the beginning expect a “none” or “less is more” policy for live and plant based products. Keep in mind that the ship has a green grocer, butcher, seafood merchant, etc.

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20 Dining & Bar Venues

Most meals are included across the ship’s 20 dining and bar concepts, as well as 24hr room service. 

Multicultural cuisines from around the world await to dazzle your taste buds. Most are cost-free, including house wines and well liquor. A weekly culinary adventure also awaits you as our chefs scout each land-based location for the best in local ingredients to present to you. Specialty diets can be accommodated.

Will the restaurants on the main restaurant deck 6 have sea views or will they be windowless?

Some of the restaurants on deck 6 may feel enclosed such as the wine cellar while others are designed with more glass to feel more open. As you can see on the deck plans, the restaurants on deck 6 are nestled among walkways. The space is being designed to feel like a “Main Street, Downtown” area and each of the restaurants have a different theme and design. To see our design inspiration, you can go to the Price List page > click on deck 6 > and click on the various restaurants for further descriptions and inspirational images. You will also find waterfront restaurants on other decks.

Do the dining venues have enough seating space for the 1000 residents? Where will everyone be accommodated around the same time for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

We have twenty dining and bar venues including indoor and outdoor event spaces, some of which accommodate up to 150 people. We don’t anticipate 1,000 people all sitting down at exactly the same time but if that many people all gather in one evening, it would be spread out over multiple times and venues. We have no intention to have one main dining room to accommodate everyone, but yes, we do have enough dining spaces for 1,000 people to spread out among the 17 decks. Keep in mind that for special occasions or holidays such as those mentioned, MV Narrative will likely be docked in a major city so many people will be ashore.

Will there be a kosher menu?

Yes, there will be kosher menu on board and kosher options available in other locations throughout the ship. All dietary requirements are considered for all areas of service, including the home delivery options to your residence. Please see below the additional details regarding kosher options on board:

-We have a dedicated area in the galley for Kosher food preparation.

-We will source kosher food only from certified suppliers, depending on the area where the ship will be sailing.

 -We will have at least one certified Kosher chef. Depending on demand, we can increase the number of certified Kosher food chefs if need be.

-In provision stores, there will be a separated area for Kosher food storing as well as for utensils.

-We can confirm that we will follow the highest standards of Kosher food sourcing, storing and preparation.

Special Diet

Our staff can happily accommodate allergies and restrictive diets.

Room Service

Meals and snacks are offered 24 / 7.

Dining Attire

On board, attire is generally casual, except in the premium dining venue and during special gala occasions. Swimwear is not allowed in the dining areas except on the pool deck. 

Cooking Onboard

You may cook for yourself at any time in one of the resident lounges with kitchen facilities located throughout the vessel. Throw a dinner party, entertain your friends and let us clean up after you are done.

In addition, every residence comes with a fridge and pantry space for the store of your own provisions as well as basic equipment to prepare toast or reheat any saved portions. 

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