Pets and Service Animals

In addition to service animals, pets are also welcome on board, although availability is limited. Pets will be assessed on a case by case basis by the onboard community six months before the sailing date. 

For the comfort and safety of other residents, strict guidelines will apply.

There will be dedicated areas for dog walking and play. We also have a kennel, grooming station and exam room.

The ship has a veterinarian on staff. Pets are subject to annual fees.

Under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), you are able to bring your dog or cat abroad with you. With a Pet Passport your pet can travel through certain borders with ease. Generally, pets will require a microchip and a rabies vaccination and titer to qualify for travel. However, different countries have additional requirements when it comes to importing and exporting pets. List of participating countries:

Customs fees will apply.

Is there a limit to how many pets one can bring?

Up to two pets per residential unit, provided all requirements are met and they are in accordance with our Pet Policy. Each request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How do you keep the allergy contamination by pets low in public areas?

Pets are not allowed on furniture and most of the areas where pets are allowed are open-air spaces. Indoor areas have specific technologies that will help drop air particulate matter such as pet dander out of suspension and break down the allergens. This includes bipolar ionization and oxidation technology with filters in all areas of the ship to collect higher levels of irritants.

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