Onboard Medical Services

The M/V Narrative offers a full-service clinic on board including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists. As these services will be provided by a third party, they are outside assessment fees, and will liaise in conjunction with resident’s insurance plans. 

A range of complementary services will be available such as weight loss, anti-aging, Botox, immune therapies, detoxification treatments and dietary planning. 

Prevention of Illness and Outbreaks

As a self-governing city we can take action quickly and your voice carries weight. Should need ever arise we instantly make course changes to avoid local health issues, catastrophes or political instability. 

In contrast to traditional cruise ships, the MV Navigator is home to 1/3rd the population of a cruise ship, with ample open spaces, and clean fresh air. The absence of buffet dining facilities and a much lower turnover of guests also greatly decrease the risk of person to person transmission.  Storylines’ state of the art air and surface purification systems make it the cleanest community on the planet. Read more on why Storylines is the safest place to be during a pandemic.

In Case of Medical Emergency

Health and safety is our utmost priority. In addition to the Narrative’s highly trained medical staff, a helipad and crew will always be standing by for emergency evacuations. While in port, residents may also disembark to a local hospital or air ambulance.

Bespoke Travel Insurance for Storylines Residents

Storylines specific travel insurance protection plans will be available for residential owners, as well as Guest at Sea rental program participants.