Onboard Banking Facilities

Banking services will be available on-board including currency exchange and other personal/business banking needs.


Included for all residents is the fastest ship-based data supply available with wireless data service for email, internet surfing, and communication applications such as Skype or WhatsApp throughout the ship. Data access points will be available in each residence for wired connections.

Business Center and Workspaces

Offering limited printing and office support needs, an onboard Business Center is available to assist you with your business needs. This area will include workspaces, quiet areas, and small meeting spaces. There are also workspaces available throughout the 45 lounges onboard. Find your favorite nook, private or not and make yourself at home.

Receive Mail Digitally or by Express Post

Personal mail may be redirected to our head office, from which it will be expressed to the ship. Alternatively, you can give permission for your mail to be opened, scanned and confidentially emailed to you. The choice is yours.

Prayer Rooms and Religious Services

A multi-denominational chapel and prayer room is available to all residents for worship with regular services offered by fellow residents.

Designated Smoking Areas

For the safety of all, smoking is only allowed in designated areas and in the cigar lounges and is not permitted inside residences or off resident balconies.

Dedicated smoking areas will be equipped with the latest technology in air filtration and have an independent exhaust system to remove the filtered air out of the room with double lock systems to ensure no smoke escapes into the rest of the clean air areas.

For more information, please see the following article.