Offshore Ventures – Returning to the Ship

Should you venture solo in any destination, we will help prepare you. Disembark provided with translations of instructions for how to return to the vessel, direct-dial numbers to reach our friendly onboard team in case of emergencies or any assistance you may need.

Additionally, all residents will be issued an identification card that includes a photo and serves as onboard identification. 

Offshore Excursions

With 1000 residents aboard, imagine the lifetime of activities and experiences you will discover together.

At each port Storylines offers a comprehensive range of new excursions, immersions and activities from independent, local tour operators – taking you deeper into the heart of local life with exclusive events and activities. You will be immersed in the arts, culture, history, and natural beauty of each destination. 

From local markets to your local coffee shop, from a casual day’s golf to a lazy day sleeping in. This is a Storylines lifestyle.

Special Excursions Planning

Our capable concierge team aboard the M/V Narrative will gladly assist you with any special shoreside arrangements or customized touring activities. 

Select residents may also travel ahead of the MV Narrative to identify the newest experiences for other residents to enjoy. It’s all part of our Resident-Curated Experiences program. Ask your Residential Advisor for more details.

Should a Departure be Missed

If you miss a departure of the M/V Narrative at any port due to unforeseen circumstances, immediately contact our onboard staff at the number shown on your shipboard ID. 

The staff will inform you of the location and arrival time at the next port and can assist you in making arrangements for you to meet the ship at the earliest possible opportunity.

But before that ever happens, there are a number of measures in place to make sure you can get back to the vessel on time, including an automatic alarm via the Narrative app at 12 and 4 hours before each departure. Should the worst happen and an ontime rendezvous become impossible we will assist in making arrangements to meet the M/V Narrative at its next port of call.