What is the PhD Medical Study?

This is a project that will be offered to several universities and will also be offered to several universities and their grad students to work on their PhD. It will have many direct and indirect data implications primarily around the effective use of new medical wearables to decrease disease transmission, increase health outcomes and decrease fatalities. If we have any science based or PhD researchers as resident owners on board who would like to get involved, they can contact Dr. Brian Martin directly.

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Are there plans for a retail pharmacy?

Yes. Dr. Martin is working on that. We have plans for a pharmacy, which will be in one of our retail spaces.

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Is the medical director reviewing the ship’s air, water and surface types for the control of the spread of diseases?

Dr. Brian Martin is helping to design the wellness center and the hospital. He’s also involved with ideas in terms of what the surface coatings should be, how we’re going to clean the surfaces, how we’re going to sanitize the ship and he’s consulting on the AC system, water systems and so on.

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Are cremation services available on the ship if a resident were to pass away?

Cremation cannot be on the ship although there will be a morgue for the remains. The remains would then be transported to their country of residence or cremated on shore as directed by the estate/family.

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Medical Treatments & Services

Will I be able to get my annual wellness check on board? 
Yes. Annual exams are included in your annual assessments while certain labs, treatments and supplements are available at an additional cost.   

Will dental check-ups be available such as cleaning and x-rays? Is that included?

Yes, these will likely be included for the residents with any advanced procedures, surgery, or treatments outsourced for an extra fee.

Will medical staff be able to provide dental emergency services such as tooth infection/extraction, broken tooth?  
Our dental technician can work with our GP to provide antibiotics and pain relief until you can get to a reputable dentist on shore for treatment. Storylines maintains a list of shoreside services. A dentist visits the ship periodically.   
Will medical staff be able to conduct auditory exams? Provide basic hearing services? Get hearing aids adjusted/cleaned? 
Diagnostic and other services that can be conducted by a technician will be available on board and inclusive. Anything that requires additional machinery or a specialist will require a visit to shore. Storylines maintains a list of shoreside services. It is unlikely that Storylines will have an audiologist on board.     
Will medical staff be able to provide basic vision services? Fix glasses, provide contact lenses or ophthalmological services, i.e., eye infections, corneal abrasions? Diagnose and treat vision problems i.e., macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract abrasions, eye infections? 

Simple diagnostic screenings and other services that can be conducted by a technician will be available on board and inclusive. Anything that requires additional machinery or specialists will require a visit to shore. Storylines maintains a list of shoreside services. It is unlikely that Storylines will have an ophthalmologist on board although the MD can treat some things such as eye infections. In the case of eyeglasses and contacts, those can also be ordered online and shipped worldwide. 

Can oral health, hearing and vision care specialists be brought onboard periodically for services needed?  
Yes, we will be bringing medical professionals onboard that are generally only available in land based facilities, except where specialized equipment is necessary. We cannot guarantee these specialists will be part of your health insurance network, but keep in mind that out of pocket medical care in other countries costs much less than the United States.    
Will  medical staff be able to recommend local medical providers in ports for services and/or medications not available on board? Yes, Storylines has an ongoing project to identify a) main medical treatment facilities and specialists in all ports, and b) accessory non-emergency professionals. These professionals may in some cases also be invited onto the ship to give lectures and some treatments.                

What contingencies are there if a resident is on an apparatus (i.e., oxygen) that requires electricity and the ship has an electrical outage.  
The ship will have backup power in any case of loss of power, and the infirmary will also have a dedicated standalone backup power source. 

Will medical staff be trained in psychological and emotional  counseling, such as depression, suicide, anger/rage managementsubstance abuse servicescognitive assessments, happiness coaching, etc.? 
The ship will have staff to address any maintenance or acute flare-ups of these conditions and create proactive programs to improve the life of these individuals. This includes advanced symptom and medication monitoring, and when indicated, provide prescription and non-prescription functional medicine and detox programs in addition to further support with nutritional, fitness and biofeedback programs. 

Will residents be charged for basic first aid needs  i.e., bandages, aspirin, masks, canes, knee braces? 
In the case of non-critical injuries that require a trip to the infirmary, supplies used to render care including the use of crutches, splints and wheelchairs will be provided by Storylines. Ordinary supplies for home use will be available in the ship’s pharmacy and market.         

Will the medical staff prescribe and provide narcotics, i.e. opioids? 
These drugs will only be available in minimal quantities and prescribed only in emergency or extreme cases treated intravenously in the infirmary.          

What priorities and/or privileges will residents receive over transient guests?  
Residents have a designated appointment schedule and take precedence over guests. The only exception would be in an emergency.   

Will medical staff be able to treat kidney problems i.e., lithotripsy (stones)? 
This is being discussed. We are considering shock wave lithotripsy.  

Will the medical staff visit individual residence for assessment and treatment?  
Most medical and health services, treatments and testing will be mobile and when possible combined with other related services, for example medication delivery + X-ray + vitamin IV.   

Will medical staff initiate follow up calls/visits to ensure the resident is following treatment plans?   
Once registered with the medical team in one of the ship’s programs, Storylines’ advanced medical monitoring systems and specialized staff act as each resident’s personal health coach to support success and compliance. 

Will the medical staff provide seminars and discussions to educate the community on preventative measures i.e., balance clinics, mental stimulation, heart healthy diets?  
The onboard enrichment programs will include Dr. Martin’s ‘Optimal Aging & Living’ education. In addition, Storylines has access to the world’s experts that will be coming aboard for educational and treatment purposes – the ultimate in medical tourism.    

What is the Optimal Aging & Living program? 
Dr. Brian Martin’s ‘Optimal Aging & Living’ medicine programs are dedicated to teaching, motivating and guiding residents to become, not only healthier….but happier. The program focuses on lowering chronic disease by maximizing a person’s overall quality of life. This includes the proper testing and safe use of bio-hormones, targeted nutraceuticals, nutrition and dietary changes, intravenous therapies including chelation (the removal of heavy metals from the body), decreasing stubborn weight, lowering inflammation, and improving sleep, energy & sexual function.  

Does the ship provide travel indicated immunizations? 
The ship will have a Travel Safety department that will provide information on each area and the current risks. Immunizations will be available, costs of which have not yet been determined. Each resident is also encouraged to consult with their primary physician before boarding to not only ensure optimal use of their existing insurance, but to assess the risk-benefit of immunization to their medical conditions. We will also have the most recent Covid-19 vaccinations on board. 

If I have a medical emergency while the ship is in port and I’m ashore, or if I have an emergency on the ship and need to be moved to the closest medical care facility, what, if any, support will the Storylines medical staff provide or coordinate? For example, if we are in Africa and I’m out on safari and I break a leg or have chest pains and there are no local medical providers, who will help me get back to the ship for treatment and care?  
Storylines is a family: if one of our residents has an emergency off or on the ship, our Medical Advocacy program will assist. This could be a fellow resident or a designated member of our medical staff on-call to accompany the resident, facilitate safe transport and communicate to all relevant medical staff.     

Will we have Infrared saunas on board, and how many? Please discuss availability of stem cell treatments available, both as a healing modality and also as anti-aging therapy.

We have two infrared and two steam saunas located in the spa/wellness space.

Stems cells – we start with plasma rich platelets (PRP) and human growth hormones and then with visiting doctors we may be able to add in various other stem cell technologies.

Will I be able to fill my prescriptions onboard and get OTC supplements such as vitamins, laxatives, incontinence supplies, eye drops, CPAP supplies, etc.?   
Yes, we will have a well-stocked pharmacy that will also have high grade supplementation and compounding capabilities. Certain medications will be overstocked for prevention.  

Will the ship be periodically surveying residents for current medications to ensure they are available on board? 
Yes, but more so each resident will ensure they have submitted their required pharmacy needs to Storylines and ensure they have at least 3 months’ supply on-hand to give the ship adequate time to stock any uncommon medications.

Will we be able to provide a list of our regular meds so the ship can keep them in stock since it will be hard to get mail with refills?

Yes, any specialty medications will be given to the medial steward at least 6-12 months before departure.

Do we get prescription renewals from the practitioner back in our home country or would Dr Martin take control of those prescriptions?

These would be preferentially be done remotely via the patients’ prescribing physician and if needed through the physician overseeing the ship’s pharmacy.

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Death at Sea

The ship has a small capacity morgue and is subject to all laws and regulations including the Death on the High Seas Act. Options related to transport of the remains will be available to each family member or executor.   

Burial at sea

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ‘The Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA) general permit authorizes the transportation and burial at sea of non-cremated and cremated human remains in ocean waters under specified conditions.’ For more information, please visit the EPA website.

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Who will be part of the Storylines medical team?

Storylines Medical Team & Responsibilities 

The Storylines medical team includes: one full time licensed MD general practitioner with ER training; one preventative medicine physician; nutritionist; acupuncturist; aesthetician; physical therapist; dental hygienist, and two to four physician assistants and nurses. PAs will help ensure every resident receives personal and proactive healthcare. Technicians will also be trained to assist with simple hearing, vision and dental checkup and screening. A dentist will be on board periodically. A support staff of trainers for fitness and yoga will also be available. 

Will one of the Storyline doctors be available to be designated as my primary care physician?  


What qualifications does the medical team possess? 

Medical personnel working on the ship meet or exceed American College of Emergency Physicians standards and have proven proficiency in preventative care, general practice and emergency medicine. 

What are the main roles of the medical team? 

The Storylines medical team not only work toward helping patients maintain wellness and quality of life, but also have expertise in stabilizing seriously ill patients with the ability to perform advanced life support practices, emergency cardiovascular care and minor surgical procedures. 

What additional roles are expected? 

The medical team is able to perform regular health checks, diagnostic testing and proactive therapeutic interventions. They are also involved in the evacuation of seriously sick or injured patients. 

What is the Storylines medical team ultimately responsible for?  

The medical team is responsible for the care and well-being of all passengers and employees of the ship. They have a dual reporting structure, reporting directly to the ship’s Captain and the resident’s primary care provider when appropriate. 

What kind of cases will the medical team be able to treat and care for? 

Non-urgent general care for heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions; emergency medicine for acute coronary syndromes; cardiac and respiratory failure; infection processes; anaphylaxis; trauma and orthopedic injuries. 
Will Storylines medical staff have access to my online medical history when making diagnoses or determining treatment plans? (MY CHART or LUCY for example) 
Yes. Each resident will need to give permission to Storylines to access any on-land EMR systems and should also submit any paper records and lab results which we will upload to our EMR system. All information will also be accessible to a resident’s land-based medical provider.  

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Onboard Medical Services

MV Narrative offers a full-service clinic on board including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists. As these services will be provided by a third party, they are outside of the annual fees. 

A range of additional services will also be available such as weight loss, anti-aging, Botox, immune therapies, detoxification treatments and dietary planning. 

I understand the practices of complementary medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine and holistic medicine. For a patient that is more familiar with western medicine, what can they expect that might be different when you are their primary care physician?

A combined approach with more focus on the prevention of disease, increased vitality and quality of life using functional tests including genomics, diet, nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional support, nutraceuticals, hormonal replacement and removing toxins, specifically heavy metals.

Will the ship doctor be able to do skin biopsies to determine if a questionable spot is cancerous? If it is, will the ship doctor be able to do surgery to remove it?

Yes, this will be done under the regular checkup from our attending physician and removal is done with a laser machine (called laser ablation). This uses a high-intensity beam of light to destroy cancer cells. We also plan to have cryotherapy which is used most often for pre-cancerous conditions such as actinic keratosis and for small basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. For prevention and early detection, we are also investigating newer technologies such as Dermtech which uses a proprietary process to painlessly extract RNA and DNA from skin tissue samples to find genomic markers of melanoma specifically and accurately that occurs at a level 10,000 times closer than the traditional biopsy care pathway. Another is called reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM), that uses a low-power laser to scan skin lesions. We also plan to use new smart apps that use remote care, such as SkinVision.

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Prevention of Illness and Outbreaks

As a self-governing community, we can take action quickly and your voice carries weight. Should the need ever arise, we can instantly make course changes to avoid local health issues, catastrophes or political instability. 

MV Narrative is home to a fraction of the population of a cruise ship, with ample open spaces, and clean fresh air. The absence of buffet dining facilities and a much lower turnover of guests also greatly decrease the risk of person to person transmission.  Storylines’ air and surface purification systems are state-of-the-art. 

Will each home have an independent thermostat that controls only that cabin? How does the HVAC work in the event that we have another pandemic?

Yes, each unit has its own dedicated HVAC system with temperature controls, and its own “clean air” independent of any other unit or outer hallway. This drastically limits cross contamination. Each home is also equipped with a green tech hydroxyl unit to help sterilize the air using Active Radiant Catalysis (ARCfi); a proprietary photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology that constantly cleans the air. Further peace of mind involves ultraviolet UV-C that sterilizes the air and surfaces when the resident is away, and a CleanWay ™ system in the entrance, that can be added to a residence or infection area in the event that a quarantine is necessary due to an active infection.

What other precautions are being taken for coronaviruses?

Storylines is incorporating technologies throughout the ship to help constantly limit exposure and sterilizing air in all areas of the ship using high tech technologies such as PCO, UV-C and UV-C 222, in addition to clean food preparation. Storylines is also working with new wearable technologies for early detection and monitoring. We also utilize proactive and advanced nutritional and immune treatments for early detection, decreased transmission and proactive treatments.

Will vaccinations be available for all ports that require them?

Yes, these will likely be included at cost for the residents for the areas that require them, and some may be outsourced at the actual port.

What vaccination guidelines will we be following?

Storylines will follow any international regulations for vaccine requirements that we are required to by law.

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Medical Emergencies

Health and safety is our utmost priority. In addition to MV Narrative’s highly trained medical staff, a helipad and crew will always be standing by for emergency evacuations. While in port, residents may also disembark to a local hospital by ambulance.

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Bespoke Health Insurance for Storylines Residents

Storylines specific health insurance protection plans will be available for residential owners, as well as Guest at Sea rental program participants. At this point we have quotes from an underwriter and are continuing our research for more comprehensive coverage. When we get closer to our sail date, the costs will be reconfirmed and finalized.

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