Living Aboard Full-Time and Citizenship Status

Storylines encourage residents to make the M/V Narrative their full-time home, and engage with their onboard neighbors and community.  

Living aboard the M/V Narrative full-time neither affects neither your citizenship status nor your ability to spend time in the United States. Residency and citizenship are two separate things, and the only way to lose a U.S. Citizenship is to formally renounce it.

Volunteering and Co-Creation of Your Residential Community

Many residents have already expressed interest in co-creating and taking an active part of life on board. From librarians to language teachers, golf pros, wine aficionados and salsa teachers, all those who wish to help are encouraged to take an active role in their residential community.

Single Residents Owners

To date, around 20% of residential owners are single. For those that have not yet found it, single specific mixers will be held to help find love and friendship while at sea. 

Pets and Service Animals

In addition to service animals, pets are also welcome on board, although availability is limited. Pets will be assessed on a case by case basis by the onboard community six months before the sailing date. 

For the comfort and safety of other residents, strict guidelines will apply, informed by Founders Circle members. For social animals such as dogs there will be dedicated areas for walking and play.

Vets will visit the vessel from time to time to allow for routine wellness checkups for the furry friends. This will be at the owner’s cost.

Families and Children

Child-friendly facilities such as games and learning rooms are included within the ship’s design and as well as regular children’s activities. We expect to have enough children of all ages sufficient to ensure they too have a social group and friends with whom to make memories.

Schooling programs will be offered in association with an online distance education program to facilitate a curriculum. In addition to formal education, children will have the opportunity to learn about the world with over 50+ countries to explore each year. When not in activities, we do ask that parents remain active in supervision.

See this video to hear from a school teacher of a resident assessing the Storylines lifestyle for her 9-year-old daughter from Orlando.