Lending Your Home

I understand that when I am not on board, I can lend my home to a friend or family member at no additional cost. I simply need to inform Storylines in advance. How much notice is needed?

We have not solidified this as yet. When bringing someone onboard the ship you should be aware that the ship is entering into new ports in various countries, which means there are certain rules and regulations which are completely outside of our control.

Storylines also needs to know who is coming onboard the ship, so there are a lot of things that need to happen before a new person can come onboard. You can have a set amount of friends and family who you have already registered with us, so they can come and go much easier. If a new person is visiting then we would need some notice. That might be able to be accommodated on the same day in some cases, but 7 days notice would be preferable. However, this is an operational question and the exact answer has not yet been solidified.

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