In Case of Major Repairs

While every action has been taken to prevent unforeseen repairs, all ships incur them from time to time. A ‘floating-fund’ has been set aside for such instances.

Onboard Security

A high level of onboard security is maintained throughout the operation of the vessel, and specific staffing varies based on our geographical location. In addition to security monitoring of all public areas, the Narrative’s highly trained onboard security staff ensure that your Home at Sea is always kept safe and sound. While in port, additional security is provided at both the port and vessel entry points.

Like all cruise liners, the M/V Narrative will engage the services of special security teams whose vessels will escort us through any areas that could be potentially dangerous.

Unfavorable Conditions or Problems at Port

The M/V Narrative onboard team of nautical experts monitor regional weather conditions and take decisive action to ensure the vessel operates in safe conditions. Options to avoid unpleasant sea conditions include: changing course or extending time at port.

Stability and Likelihood of SeaSickness

The M/V Narrative is a state-of-the-art vessel fitted with two stabilizers midship, one on each side, as well as the latest in the hull design to reduce motion. Furthermore, the vessel will spend much of its time in port or near to calmer coastlines, and our itinerary provides for flexibility in order to avoid rough seas.

The Entire Vessel is Comprehensively Insured

The entire vessel is comprehensively insured for all issues minor to major such as a rare disaster or breakdown. Regular scheduled maintenance ensures smooth operations at all times. Reserve funds are also kept in place to cover any non-standard maintenance issues.