Children’s All-inclusive Fees

Below are the annual fee rates for children onboard MV Narrative.

Age = All-inclusive fees

<13 = $15,000
14-17 = $20,000
18+ are considered adults and fall under the typical pricing structure

Children’s all-inclusive fees for Shared Purchase Residences are a quarter of the full (annual) children’s fees posted above.

Some children may not be onboard full-time due to factors including boarding school, camps, visits with relatives, and custody sharing. Can children be treated as additional guests and pay a daily fee only for the time that they are actually onboard?

Yes, they can pay a daily guest rate just like any other guest if they are coming on board for a limited amount of time. Please see the friends and family FAQ post.

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Annual All-inclusive Fees

The Storylines ‘all-inclusive’ lifestyle entails:

  • Beautifully designed resident lounges on each residential deck
  • Meals in a selection of multicultural dining venues
  • Beverages including select wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, coffees, juices, blends
  • 24-hour room service
  • Housekeeping
  • Fast internet and Wi-Fi throughout the ship
  • Dozens of kitchen areas to prepare food yourself
  • Premium satellite television
  • Laundry pick-up wash & fold service, and/or self-service laundry
  • Gym, fitness facilities, recreational and sporting equipment 
  • Oceanside marina with direct water access & watercraft
  • Yoga studio, artist studio, & many unique leisure areas
  • A world of activities, events, sports, arts, performances, music, dancing, entertainment, enrichment and fitness
  • Hobby areas from fishing and tackle to golf and digital driving range 
  • Checkup and wellness visits with the onboard doctor, trainers and nutritionist
  • All onboard service gratuities
  • Fuel, port taxes, docking fees, and insurances
  • Upkeep of vessel to 5-star standards
  • Stylishly decorated spaces to live in surrounded by inspiring art and fresh food gardens  
  • A new priceless view from your balcony every week!

And of course…

  • Highly professional onboard service and technical support teams
  • Liability insurance
  • Financial reserves for unforeseen repairs or expenses

For a full breakdown of the package, inclusions see the page The Inclusive Life.

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Calculation of All-inclusive Fees

Annual all-inclusive fees are determined in line with inflation and carefully calculated to accommodate shipboard operations, shoreside operations and support costs of the vessel. Full insurance costs and emergency reserves are also budgeted to accommodate unforeseen issues. 

Storylines reserves the right to require a special assessment fee for special circumstances.

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All-inclusive Fees for Single Residents

Annual all-inclusive fees are based on double occupancy. Single occupants receive an 18% discount off the double-occupancy all-inclusive fees.

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All-inclusive Fees FAQ

Q. What are the All-inclusive Fees?

A. All-inclusive fees payable by all residents on a quarterly basis that enables us to provide a luxury, all-inclusive global lifestyle. These fees cover an enormous amount of expenditures including, but not limited to: fuel costs, provisions, insurance, staff, emergency funds for unforeseen events like mechanical failure and all shipboard and shoreside operational costs. All-inclusive fees are collected three months prior to the start of every quarter. The ‘floating’ fund for the ship will be detailed in the P&L report provided to residents. See also, ‘Provisioning Fee’.

Q. Are all drinks included at the bars?

A. While most regular beverages are included such as beer, wine, spirits and mixers, some higher and top-shelf items have an extra charge; for example, the vintage French champagne is not included.

Q.  If I want to upgrade to a menu item that is not included, do I pay the difference in price from the included option or the full amount?

A. You only need to pay a smaller ‘upgrade’ charge, not the whole amount as the base rate is covered in your annual fees.

Q. How is pricing to be worked out; how much do things cost?

A. Beverages, food, etc. not included in the all-inclusive package are to be priced at a very much reduced rate when compared to land-based options or traditional cruise lines.

Q. What recourse exists to collect delinquencies or suspend rights to occupy/re-sell a delinquent suite, etc.? 

A. People have up to 6 months to get current on their fees, and if they cannot, we will re-sell their unit for them. 

Q. Can I really eat out at all these restaurants and pick anything from the menu at no charge?

A. Yes, the only exception is the fine dining restaurant on deck 16 and any premium items on the menus (e.g. there are a number of steak options, but if you want the 90-day aged wagyu steak, then this will be charged to your account).

Q. How much choice do we have on each menu that is included in the all-inclusive package?

A. Most meals and drinks are included across the ships’ 20 dining and bar venues as well as 24 hour room service. About 80% of each menu are included while certain menu options have a surcharge. This is true for the spa, hair salon, restaurants, wine bar, coffee house, etc. 

Q. How can I be sure I’ll be able to get a space in the day spa for treatment if it’s all inclusive?

A. Fair use rules apply to all services. Example: You cannot book a massage for 3 hours each day for the whole year ahead, that would not be fair. However, if there is availability and you want more service, then its yours to use.

Q. Which sports equipment is included? 

A. Fishing gear, golf clubs, digital driving range, bicycles, scuba equipment, surfboards, wetsuits, tennis rackets, beach supplies and non-motorized/motorized watercraft like kayaks, sailboats and jet skis are included.

Q. Is housekeeping included? 

A. Yes, housekeeping is included in your annual all-inclusive fees.

Q. What laundry services are included?

A. Pick up and delivery for our wash and fold service is included as part of the annual all-inclusive fees.  You may use the self-service laundry facilities on each deck as well. Organic dry cleaning is available for an additional charge.

Q. Are fitness classes, personal training and yoga classes included or do they involve an additional charge?

A. Personal training and other one-on-one services may have a limit or a fee. All the group classes are unlimited.

Q. What may have a charge attached?

A. Some medical services, travel insurance, offshore excursions, upgrade charges for special bar & menu items, non-standard salon services (such as coloring, treatments or styling), gratuities to local guides and drivers at your discretion, veterinary services, personal trainers, organic dry cleaning, personal care items (shampoo, toothpaste, etc), goods in the onboard market, fine dining restaurant, office space, non-standard spa services (anything other than massages), childcare, and youth education.

Q. What about groceries?

A. Bulk goods are available for purchase in the market and you can also buy groceries on shore. If you would like to use any of the produce grown on board, stop by the garden to pick up some produce at no charge.

Q. What medical services are charged separately?

A. MV Narrative offers a full-service clinic on board including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists. To learn more about what is included, see our Medical FAQ.

Q. Is onboard schooling for my kids included?

A. Many educational and enrichment programs for school aged children are available and included although the accredited academic portion of our youth education program and the small group learning pods with a teacher are not included. 

Q. Residence interiors – what’s not included?

A. Limited customization is included with the purchase price including two interior design styles and a choice between two set floorpans for most residence types. Upgrade options are available.

Q. Is childcare offered onboard? What kind of childcare options are available? Is it included in the fees?

A. Childcare will be offered on board for a fee. We also have a worldschooling education program for youth on the ship. Teens on board have also offered their child-minding services.

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All-inclusive Fees when not Underway

The annual fees are calculated to cover a number of shipboard and shoreside operational costs even when the vessel is not underway.

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