Will Storylines be traveling in Arctic regions?

The MV Narrative is not an ice-rated vessel. We will be partnering with third-party expedition operators suited to those regions to take our residents on special excursions/tours when we are navigating in those particular geographical locations.

Interim Vessel Availability before the M/V Narrative’s Completion

For those who wish to sail and start their Storylines lifestyle sooner, an interim vessel will be made available while the M/V Narrative’s  construction is ongoing. 

Once the main vessel residences are sold out, future residents may opt to join a chartered vessel suitable for this purpose. 

This chartered vessel won’t have all the lifestyle offerings taken into account of the M/V Narrative, however, it will  have a similar itinerary and a similarly minded community akin to what you will enjoy on your new ship. Those on board will help pioneer aspects of the lifestyle and amenities  -making life aboard the official launch of the new ship even better.

*ONLY available for future residents. 

**The pricing of this option will not be affected by your residence purchase, they will be treated as 2 separate offers IE: one does not affect the other.

The Itinerary

Our maiden voyage will embark upon a never-ending circumnavigation of the globe, visiting 100’s of destinations across six continents.

Storylines cruise slowly, based on the belief it takes more time to know a destination than the 8 hours allowed by traditional cruise lines. We average over 3 days in each port-of-call, with almost every stop an overnight stay at a minimum.  This unique approach allows you time to find your favorite coffee shop, see all of the sights at your own pace, and make new friends in exotic locations. 

Uniquely, as an owner of the ship, you always have input into what happens next. This means our residents can vote to stay longer in their favorite destinations or agree to avoid unfavorable weather conditions.

Choose Your Destinations

After the first voyage is complete, residents may vote preferences for subsequent itineraries.  To view a sample itinerary, click here.

Come and Go as You Please – You Are at Home

This is your home, come and go as you please. Live aboard full-time aboard or rent out your residence as you wish. Invite visitors to stay with you or allow friends to enjoy your residence while you are away. 

Be Spontaneous

As an example the M/V Narrative will take over a month to skirt the Italian coast, this allows for longer offshore adventures such as hiring a car and touring the Tuscany region for a few days before rejoining your home at sea. 


Taking one of our Curated Experiences, which are often multi-night departures or chose to explore independently. Disembark and return at any time, simply advise our team of your plans.