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Residence Options and Upgrades

How much are we able to customize our cabins? As well as a choice of standard options, can we pay for additional changes?  There will be set options and upgrades to choose from. These are not finalized yet. Our Founders Circle members have recently discussed this topic and survey results are being sent to the […]

Resident Hosted Entertainment

The website states that activities, events, sports, arts, performances, music, dancing, entertainment, enrichment and fitness are included.  To what extent will we be relying on the residents to provide these? Will there be an activities/entertainment director? Will entertainers/musicians be hired to be on board? The more that comes from within the community the better as […]

Storylines Medical Facilities & Equipment

What will the ship’s medical center be like?  The facilities will be similar to most small, acute care clinics on land.  What will these facilities include?  They will include intensive care units (ICU), treatment & examination rooms and a dedicated isolation and infection control area.  What type of accreditation will the medical area have? The medical areas will be accredited to […]

Treatments & Services

Will I be able to get my annual wellness check on board? Yes. Annual exams are included in your annual assessments while certain labs, treatments and supplements are available at an additional cost.    Will medical staff be able to provide dental emergency services such as tooth infection/extraction, broken tooth?  Our dental technician can work with our GP to provide antibiotics and pain relief until you […]


What is included with the annual assessment fees? Check-ups with the doctor are included. Also dental cleaning, eye exams and hearing screenings that can be completed by a physician’s assistant, nurse or technician are included. Any abnormal findings that required treatment by a dentist or physician may have a surcharge.   What is health care going to cost me when I’m living abroad if my current health insurance policy won’t cover me and Storylines health insurance policy doesn’t cover everything?  […]

20 Dining & Bar Concepts

All meals are included across the ships’ 20 dining and bar concepts, as well as 24hr room service.  Multicultural cuisines from around the world await to dazzle your taste buds. All cost-free, including wines and liquors. A weekly culinary adventure also awaits you as our chefs scout each land-based location for the best in local […]

20 Dining & Bar Concepts

Meals and most beverages are included across the ships’ 20 restaurants and bars, as well as 24hr room service.  Multicultural cuisines from around await to dazzle your taste buds. A weekly culinary adventure also awaits you as our chefs scout each land-based location for the best in local ingredients to present to you. 

Gratuities Included

Gratuities are already part of the all-inclusive offerings, therefore, conventional tipping practices, such as at the end of a meal, for example, are not necessary and discouraged. Residents may, however, choose to provide extra gratuities from time to time at their discretion in private or for excursion operators and other services they may engage in […]

Frequency of Residence Cleaning

Your Residence can be cleaned daily or on request. There is no charge for this service, as it is included within your ‘all-inclusive’ assessment.

Onboard Laundry Service

Daily pick up and delivery wash and fold service is included as part of annual assessments.  You may use the self-service laundries on board should you wish.